The SuperCollider Symposium is an international gathering of SuperCollider users. It happens every one or two years in different places around the world. If it hasn’t happened in a town near you… maybe you’d like to host one?

Join the next Symposium: May 2013 - Boulder, Colorado, USA

Previous SuperCollider Symposia:

London (UK) 2012

CraftWife-SC2012-TobyzDotNet-5-DSC_9886SC2012: Club Night - Mico RexSC2012: ixi lang workshopSC2012: Art Exhibition - SetupSC2012: BellatrixCraftWife-SC2012-TobyzDotNet-8-DSC_9913SC2012: Finn PetersSC2012: Art ExhibitionSC2012: Live Algorithms ConcertSC2012: Keynote - SuperCollider Speed Code challengeSC2012: Alo Allik and Yota MorimotoSuperCollider Symposium 2012 conference group photo

Click here for more of these great photos of the SuperCollider Symposium 2012.

Berlin (Germany) 2010

Radio Concert 4DJWorld Domination

Middletown (CT, USA) 2009

Ben Klein and the tuba dopperganger!supercollider and set theoryScott Wilson on BEAST

The Hague (Netherlands) 2007

Supercollider evening 6SC07-img_1348SC07-img_1481SC07-img_1422SC07-img_1483Supercollider evening 5IMG_3691IMG_3654IMG_3662IMG_3615IMG_3644Generative synthpop karaoke!redFrik

Birmingham (UK) 2006

sc2006 photo by thor magnussonsc2006 photo by thor magnussonsc2006 photo by thor magnussonsc2006 photo by thor magnussonsc2006 photo by thor magnusson

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