For Mac:

For older Macs (10.4, 32-bit universal build):


SuperCollider builds from source on all common Linux systems. Latest stable release:



SuperCollider for Windows (32-bit):

Alternative versions

Source code

SuperCollider is free software (published under the GPLv3 free software license).

You can build SuperCollider from the source-code download on Mac, Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD:

Plugins and extensions

Plugins are for the audio synthesis server; classes are to extend the language.


SuperCollider plugins provide additional synthesis (and other) capabilities to the server - i.e. new types of sound source, filter, etc.


SuperCollider extensions are classes or class libraries that provide additional functionality for use in the object-oriented language.

Quarks is the name for the SuperCollider “package-management” system, i.e. a system for automatically installing/updating SuperCollider class extensions written by users. Check out the current list of Quarks to see what’s available.

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