SuperCollider source code

You can download a stable source code bundle if you like.
But the latest up-to-date source code is stored in our Git repository.

To get the sources run this command in a terminal window:

 git clone --recursive

Later you can update them with:

 git pull
 git submodule update

See also our git commands cheatsheet for SuperCollider developers.

(For more details about git, please consult the GIT book, the Pro Git or if you are familiar with Subversion, the GIT/SVN crash course.)

You can browse the GIT repository online; there are also some websites which provide useful analysis of the GIT data (recent changes, etc): sc@ohloh.

How to compile SC: the source code comes with “README OS X”, “README LINUX”, “README WINDOWS”, “README IPHONE” which are in the “platform” folder. Those files tell you how to compile it!

Developer community resources

The sc-devel mailing list provides the main forum for discussion about SuperCollider development.

We use Github’s trackers for bugs and feature requests:

And here are a couple of useful resources on the wiki:

Creating Plugins for SuperCollider

The helpfile “Writing Unit Generators” (from SC’s help system) covers what you need in order to create a UGen plugin (including Xcode instructions for those on Mac). Plugins are dynamically loaded libraries (DLLs) written in C++.

You can also read the chapter “Writing Unit Generator Plug-ins” from the official SuperCollider Book.

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