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Alpha version of SuperCollider 3.3

An alpha version of the new version of SuperCollider (3.3) can now be downloaded as binary from

Thanks to all contributors! Many things have been improved (see ChangeLog), and the GUI documentation reworked. Please let us know if anything does not work as it should.

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A new book: Virtual Gamelan Graz. Rules – Grammars – Modeling

Virtual Gamelan Graz Rules – Grammars – Modeling

Grupe, Gerd (ed.): Virtual Gamelan Graz Rules – Grammars – Modeling (note the code on the cover..)

This book is about the SuperCollider based Virtual Gamelan Graz and its musicological context. It is mainly intended for gamelan specialists interested in computational methods and music theory of Java. An article by Rainer Schütz and Julian Rohrhuber discusses the details of the realtime synthesis implementation in SuperCollider, which is a bit of a blend of javanese and sclang (Schütz/Rohrhuber/de Campo).

publisher info


SuperCollider Italian crash course, Torino, 10th/11th Feb 2009

Andrea Valle (CIRMA/DAMS - Università di Torino)

Workshop: SuperCollider Crash Course

Dove e quando:

luogo  –>  Torino - Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione
Laboratorio Multimediale G. Quazza –> LAB01
data  –>  10-11 Febbraio 2009
orario  –>  10-13 / 14-18.30



Info e contatti:

Andrea Valle
mail  –> andrea DOTT valle ATT unito DOTT it


SuperCollider Symposium 2009: April 9th-12th, Wesleyan

The next SuperCollider Symposium will take place at Wesleyan University in Middletown (Conneticut, USA) from the evening of April 9 to April 12.  Details can be found at

Here is a quick overview:

  1. The symposium will begin with a keynote address by James McCartney and a presentation on the forthcoming SuperCollider Book by a panel drawn from the collective of editors and authors of the book.
  2. Proposals for conference talks, workshops performances, and installations have a deadline of January 30 and will be accepted on-line via link on the page.
  3. Preconference workshops will be hosted by Harvestworks in NYC. Proposals for pre-conference workshops should be sent as soon as possible to Harvestworks. Put “Supercollider Workshop” in the subject heading and email to
  4. Discounted hotel rooms ($110 a night) will be available from The Inn at Middletown. (The hotel is a short walk from campus and close to a variety of restaurants and bars. Rooms have two queen-size beds and can be shared.)

Ron Kuivila


SuperCollider workshop, Rotterdam, 20th Dec: “Song For Two Mega-Sites”

Song For Two Mega-Sites: A free SuperCollider Workshop

We’ll build a device that will represent changing network connectivity as audio. Several of the core concepts important to the free audio language SuperCollider will be explained as the device is being put together. You can see the result here.

Requirements for participation:

1. A laptop with wifi capability and headphone output
2. Headphones
3. Download SuperCollider. Follow the instructions contained in the download to install it
4. Check that your install works correctly by running the ‘hello world’ examples here 

No previous experience with audio programming is necessary, but some familiarity with scripting or programming in general will help you get the most out of the project. Ideally you should be familiar with the following terms: variable, function, array, class and instance.

I run SuperCollider on OS X. If you use Linux or windows it should be possible for you to follow the project, but it’s advisable that you work through some platform-specific tutorials beforehand to ensure you have a good understanding of the basics of navigating SuperCollider on your OS.

The workshop will take place as part of a group of interesting live acts, installations and workshops on Saturday 20th December at De Fabriek in Rotterdam. NB. The exact time of the workshop is not yet known and will be published nearer the 20th.

There are 15 places available. If you’d like to participate, please email your name to with “Registration for SuperCollider workshop” as your subject line.

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SuperCollider workshop, Paris, 14th Nov

amongst other lectures and workshops, 12-14. Nov. at IRCAM, Paris:

LiveCoding : « personnes réparties, distribution des données »
Séance de travaux pratiques : Just in time programming music in networks
Intervenants : Julian Rohrhuber, Alberto de Campo
(not free of charge unfortunately)

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SuperCollider Workshop, Madrid, Nov 20

On November 20th, Sergio Luque will be giving a SuperCollider workshop in Madrid, at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. On the next day, he will give a lecture on stochastic synthesis.

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SuperCollider workshop, Reykjavik, Nov 8/9

Stefan Nussbaumer will be giving a FREE SuperCollider workshop at Iceland’s Acedemy of the Arts in Reykjavik from Friday Nov 7 to Saturday Nov 8 (10am - 13 pm). The workshop will be held as part of the Pikslaverk Festival 2008:

location: Listaháskólanum í Laugarnesi, Reykjavik (I believe that stands for the Iclandic Academy of Fine Arts)
Sat Nov 08, 10.00-13.00
Sun Nov 09, 10.00-13.00

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Two workshops: (1) Palma de Mallorca; (2) Hamburg

Andre Bartetzki writes: I’ll be giving two introductory SC workshops:


in October in Palma de Mallorca during the festival “ping!08″

21. - 23.10.2008, 17 - 21h   (3×4 hrs)

location: Estudi UBIK, C/Tomàs Forteza, 11, Palma de Mallorca, Baleares / Spain

fee: 60 Euro

more information


in November in Hamburg as part of the CAMPUS program during the festival ”Hamburger Klangwerktage 08″

Tuesday, 25.11.2008, 16 - 18h
Thursday, 27.11.2008, 10 - 13:30h  (2 + 3.5 hrs)

location: Kampnagel Hamburg, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg, Germany

free entrance

More information

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ScGraph - A 3D graphics server for SuperCollider

ScGraph - A 3D graphics server for SuperCollider, by Florian Schmidt is now hosted at sourceforge…

more info…


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